Are you ready for VOLCAT BTT 2018?

One of the most important things in a competition like this is to participate as much equipped as possible, and this means counting on a very good cycling uniform. In Taymory we offer you the chance to personalize your own uniform in a very simple way, so you can wear the design of your dreams during the race or wear the same uniform as your colleagues. Our designing team will give shape to your idea giving you all their know how and creative talent.

Here the steps that integrate our personalization process:

1. You have an idea you want to make real or a need

You have an idea, a draw, and group of logotypes and colors, a corporative image or an old uniform you want to give a new style or design. We do the rest.

The only one requirement to start the personalization process is that it has to be a minimum purchase of 8 units per reference. Then, in repositions, there’s no minimum.

You have to contact us writing us directly. A salesman will attend you and will rate your proposal in a personalized way. You can also do it through our online platform, from which you can request for your order directly from our website.

2. Designing process

Once you’ve chosen the garments you want to personalize, an order manager will be assigned to you, who will be responsible for the adaptation of the drawing, sketch or idea you give us, always following your indications. The design has no limits of colors or logotypes. To initiate this process it will be necessary to pay a deposit of 100€, which will be discounted from the final cost of the order. In a maximum of 5 days, you will receive the first proposal of your idea, about which you’ll be able to request up to three modifications until confirming the final design. This term could vary depending on the number of requests we have at the moment.


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Captura de pantalla 2016-06-27 a la(s) 09.49.21

3. Production

Once the design is confirmed, it will be necessary to pay the 50% of the total cost, so that the order can go to production process, which lasts between 4 and 6 weeks. This production terms could vary depending on the difficulty of the order and the output volume.


It’s very important to go over the different designs before to give your approval and initiate the production. You will have to take into account that the design is an adaptation of the smallest size, so it can vary while the size increases, and the visualization of the colors can also vary depending on the screen. We use Pantone Solid Coated colour chart.

4. Delivery terms and transport

Once the designs are produced, they will be sent to the specified address. Only if the order gets over 1000€ of cost, the transport will be free.

From that point, you can enjoy your new cycling uniform to be 100% ready for VOLCAT BTT 2018.

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