In the last weeks Nicholas Kastelein, TAYMORY Ambassador, invited us to view a swim training session in Girona, his headquarter since 2 years ago. We spent some hours and could interview him and his training partner, the German Olympic Gold Medalist Jan Frodeno.

They are living in Girona, where they are preparing their season.
Girona is about 100 km from Barcelona, an excellent location to train: suggestive landscapes, good environment and fantastic weather and facilities.

Jan and Nicholas love Spain, specially Catalonia, where people is crazy about sport.

We interview them in a confidence breakfast meeting after their training. They were very friendly and explained us about their seasonal goals and the differences between the short and long distance lifestyle and training methods.

Taymory Team wants to congratulate Jan, who last Sunday won IRONMANM Frankfurt breaking the record in each of the three sectors.
The record of the race was 7:55:14, and he destroyed it achieving an incredible time of 7:49:48.

Thanks for your time Nick and Jan, and good luck for the rest of the season.